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CRM Connector & Advanced CRM 2011 Auto Number issue [solved]



With the help of Microsoft support, we solved the issue :

Context :
  • CRM 2011 + MS Connector for Dynamics Nav + Advanced CRM 2011 Auto Number : no issue
  • Migration to CRM 2013 : Connector cannot perform Account insert (update still work fine) :
    "the entity with a name = 'Account' was not found in the metadatacache"
    Map : Nav Customer Card to Account
We focus on this migration and the connector (currently 3.2.606.2) but it was a wrong way
CRM 2013 is French native version.

Using the Diagnostic Tool provided on CodePlex (Link) help us a lot because the error above was very close to the counter managment.
Deactivating the counter prooves it.

The solution is to use the good term for the entity :
"Account" should not be used anymore (although counter work perfectly within CRM 2013) but "account" must be used. It works in both cases.

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